Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lighthouse Counseling?
Lighthouse Counseling is a faith-based counseling ministry of the Neighborhood Church providing professional and pastoral counseling, coaching and discipleship.
What is a faith-based counseling ministry?
A faith-based counseling ministry is one whose providers are predominantly operating from a shared Christian worldview, connected to the local church, and incorporate aspects of their faith in their counseling, coaching or mentoring to the level an individual desires to pursue or incorporate it into their sessions.
Do I have to be a Christian or be a part of the church to receive services?
You do not have to be a Christian or attend a particular church to receive services, all are welcome. Although there may be many benefits to engaging in community life within a church body, establishing healthy relationships, engaging in spiritual practices, or exploring more balanced and helpful beliefs, there are no prerequisites to receiving care.
What is the difference between a Therapist, [Pastoral] Counselor, Coach or Mentor?
Each service or relationship may have similar qualities or serve a similar purpose of growth and healing, but some are governed by laws, require extra training and oversight, and are privileged to a level of legally-protected confidentiality.
Psychotherapists, Therapists, Clinical Mental Health Counselors, and Counselors all fall under the license of ‘LPC’ or a Licensed Professional Counselor. The training required to receive a license is a certain amount of supervised hours of clinical practice and a masters degree from a certified counseling program. Professional counselors must meet any supervision, continuing education and reporting requirements to maintain a license to practice. They are trained to provide a range of therapeutic care for a variety of emotional, relational and psychological needs of individuals, couples, families and groups, and to assess, diagnose and treat mental health and other conditions within their competence. There is a level of confidential privilege that is legally-protected in a counseling relationship with a licensed counselor.

Pastoral Counselors are ordained, licensed or otherwise appointed pastors who provide counseling, support, guidance, and care for individuals and families within and outside the church. Pastoral counselors engage in a helping relationship serving a variety of needs, including (but not limited to) the emotional, spiritual, social and community life as it relates to one's relationship with Jesus and the body of the church. Pastoral counselors operate under similar ethical standards as professional counselors in terms of beneficence and confidentiality.

Coaches are (often) trained and certified to work with others on personal goals, and are skilled in facilitating action, providing clarity and offering accountability for the sake of achieving a desired outcome. Coaching relationships are versatile, solution-focused, and apply to whatever personal goals a person desires to work on, and often shorter in duration compared to other types of counseling relationships.

Mentors / Disciplers, in the context of a church body, are individuals who are recognized for their maturity, ability to teach, guide, encourage and support the growth of others, particularly as it relates to their walk with Jesus. Discipleship may involve the consistent study of scripture, prayer, conjointly serving in ministry, or intentional conversation as it relates to one’s personal relationship to God.
How long can I see my counselor/coach/mentor?
Your provider will work with you to determine an appropriate length of treatment, counseling, coaching or discipleship. For a variety of needs, many therapeutic relationships see gains within 6-8 weeks. Coaching may be brief or extended based on the types of goals and pace of progress. Discipleship is a life-long endeavor, but may work best for a set length of commitment and engaging with different mentors.
How do I schedule an initial consultation to begin counseling/coaching/mentoring/discipleship?
Request an appointment using our online scheduler on the 'Lighthouse Counseling' page or call the front desk at (503) 638-8765. Dial extension 129 when prompted to leave a message, and your call will be returned as soon as possible.